Advantages in Having Your Unit in KSSIDC Industrial Estate

KSSIDC functions for all practical purposes like a core corporate body. Estates are marked with a difference from Normal Private Estate.

The advantages to be a part of KSSIDC are:

  1. KSSIDC Land is for Industrial Purpose. So no need to waste time for N.A./NOC.SSIDC establishes its estates after verifying the viability and Water, Power, Linkages, Communication, disposal of waste the entrepreneur gets a really developed and planned area.
  2. KSSIDC estates are provided with required amenities like Training institute, P&T office, dispensary, police chowky, community garden banks canteen etc.,
  3. All titles related to land/building within KSSIDC estates are free from any encumbrances and are easily transferable.
  4. An entrepreneur can start the industry by collecting necessary possession certificate and by paying necessary EMD.
  5. KSSIDC provides ready to occupy sheds for immediate starting of industries and also provide Gowdown for storage of its materials.
  6.  KSSIDC being a Government Organisation is, transparent and of the prices of land/building. The prices so fixed are accepted by Financial Institutions for quick approval of loans.
  7. KSSIDC estates, provides a unique opportunity to entrepreneur cluster benefits related to Raw material, market technology services, linkages etc.,
  8. Any upgradation programme undertaken in KSSIDC estate will be advantage to all industries located therein.
  9. KSSIDC provides special services in acquiring and allotting land to SSI entrepreneurs.
  10. KSSIDC allots land on top priority basis to start industry by SC/ST/SEDC applicants, further to needy SC & ST units of Backward areas will be paid subsidy amount and also reduced payment of EMD / application / scrutiny fee.
  11. KSSIDC divisional offices established in the state will have raw-material depots to distribute raw materials to SSI units.
  12. KSSIDC estate provides ISI testing units to help SSI units to process quality products.
  13. KSSIDC collects the installment amount due from shed allottees on annuity method. KSSIDC estates where SSI units established will get easy loans from financial institute and nationalised banks for purchase of machinery and also loans to purchase raw materials.