Notification No. & Date

Last date  for receipt of tenders

1 Upgrading of infrastructure structure of selected Roads, Drains culverts including Designs, water supply,sanitary system,improvement of footpaths, street Light and allied works at industrial Estate Peenya 1st stage
Tender Notification
ep-71:ENG;SE;PEENYA;1STAGE;UPG;2022-23/445 24.02.2023 UPTO 16.00HRS
2 Tender Notification For supply of manpower Graduate engineers on contractual basis
Tender Notification
Dated 01.02.2023 08.02.2023 before 4.30 PM
3 Old furniture in the head office of the corporation and other materials and vehicle spare parts are stored in the premises of the corporation.
Tender Notification
No. 2022-23 Dated 16.01.2023 31.01.2023 before 05.00 PM
4 Tender Notification For Preparation of Detailed project Report (DPR) for Establishment of New Industrial estate at Kodkani-Malalavalli Grama Siddapuru Tq, UttaraKannada Dist. Extent of Land 47.06 Acres.
Tender Notification
No. 2022-23 Dated 26.12.2022 Download Date 28.12.2022 TO 16.01.2023 before 05.30 PM
5 Tender Notification For upgradation of Infrastructure of Selected Roads Drains Culverts including Designs Water Supply Sanitary System Light and Allied works at Industrial area Peenya 4th Phase
Tender Notification
No. 2022-23 Dated 09.12.2022 Download Date 14.12.2022 TO 16.01.2023 before 05.30 PM
6 Preparation of New Detailed project Report for establishment of new industrial estate at Bagennahalli, Jaglur Tq, Davangere District
Tender Notification
No:ENGG:SE:EP-68:DPR:BAGGENAHALLI:JAGLURU:2022/23 dated 26.09.2022 29.10.2022 time 04.00 PM
7 Tender Notification For Security Agency on contractual basis
Tender Notification
No. 2022-24 Dated 13.12.2021 12.07.2022 before 5.30 PM
8 Tender Notification For Transportation of Iron & Steel Materials
Tender Notification
CML/I&S/TRANS/4th CALL TENDER2021-23 dated 07.02.20221 23.02.2022 before 4 :00 PM
9 Local Quotation for jungle cleaning at channasandra
Tender Notification
Channasandra :jungle:quotation:2022 Dated 28.01.22 05.02.2022 at 4:00 PM
10 Tender Notification For Security Agency on contractual basis
Tender Document-1
Tender Document-2
No. 2021-23 Dated 13.12.2021 27.12.2021 before 4:00 PM